The West will not find raw materials cheaper than in Russia

First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy Nikolay Arefiev commented on the statement of the American billionaire to Pravda.Ru Ray Dalio that anti-Russian sanctions hit the position of the United States in the world.

“Here I can agree with the President Vladimir Putin, who said that economic sanctions are a double-edged weapon that affects both those who imposed these sanctions and those who received them. Therefore, everyone suffered. But to a greater extent, of course, the European part. Americans, too. Because the market has become unbalanced, today inflation has crept across North America and Europe. And inflation is a slowdown in economic growth,” Arefiev said.

He listed the industries that were hit hardest by the imposition of sanctions against Russia.

“The embargo on the supply of hydrocarbon raw materials has had a very sharp impact on the economy of all developed European countries. Their gas and oil processing plants have closed, plastic has ceased to be produced, gas has risen in price. A sharp surge in prices has served as a negative in both industry and agriculture,” — noted the source of the publication.

According to Arefiev, raw materials are concentrated in Russia, and European countries are unlikely to be able to buy them cheaper elsewhere.

On Wednesday, June 22, American billionaire Ray Dalio said that Washington’s sanctions against Moscow are forcing other countries to reduce their investments in the United States for fear of becoming the next target.

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