“The West will have to start talking about a common future”: The main thing from Vladimir Putin’s speech at Valdai

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking at a plenary meeting of the International Discussion Club "Valdai".

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking at a plenary session of the Valdai International Discussion Club.

A photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Vladimir Putin for the 19th time spoke at the plenary session club “Valdai”. Over the years, the president has not missed a single event. This time the theme was: “The world after hegemony: justice and security for all.” But, as is usually the case at Valdai, in the end, the Russian leader spoke about all the important things of today in general.

One of the features of today’s speech of the head of the country: a large number of quotations from Russian philosophers and writers. Here are the most notable themes of Putin’s hours-long speech:


At the very beginning, the president recalled that at the previous meetings of the club, forecasts of future development were made.

– Alas, events are developing according to a negative scenario. They developed into a large-scale systemic crisis. The West in recent years and especially in recent months has taken a number of steps to escalate. They always play to exacerbate, there is nothing new here. This is incitement of war in Ukraine, provocations around Taiwan, destabilization of the world food and energy markets.


“He who sows the wind will reap the whirlwind,” said Putin about Western politics.

– There are two ways for humanity: to accumulate a burden of problems or to try together to find solutions that make the world safer. I believe in the power of common sense. The West will have to start talking about a common future, he added.


– I will quote from the famous Harvard speech of Alexander Isaevich Solzhenitsyn. Back in 1978, he noted that the West is characterized by, further citation: “a continuing blindness of superiority.” This is all that is happening so far.

A photo: Mikhail FROLOV


During his speech, Vladimir Vladimirovich repeatedly repeated the same idea: the West sets its own rules and forces others to follow them. No other points of view are welcome.

– Now they have completely reached the point of absurdity, when any alternative point of view is declared subversive, propaganda and a threat to democracy. That’s what comes out of Russia – it’s all the machinations of the Kremlin. Well, take a look at yourself. Are we all that powerful? Any criticism of our opponents is perceived as the machinations of the Kremlin, the hand of the Kremlin. What have you fallen to? – the Russian leader was indignant.


– I will quote the Russian philosopher Zinoviev. He wrote that Western civilization at the achieved level is necessary for survival, quote: “The whole planet, as a medium of existence, needs all the resources of mankind.”

– As soon as Asia began to benefit from globalization, the West immediately canceled many rules. Forgotten the sacred rules of trade, competition, property…


– The West launches economic and trade wars, sanctions, boycotts, all sorts of coups. One of them led to tragic consequences in Ukraine in 2014. Have supported! They even said how much money they spent on this coup. In general, just goofed! Don’t be shy about anything! They took Soleimani (Hasan, head of the IRGC special forces – Ed.), killed (an American missile hit him near the Baghdad airport – Ed.), An Iranian general. It was possible to treat Soleimani as you like, but this is an official of another state. They killed on the territory of a third country and said: “Yes, we killed.” What is it in general? Where do we live?


– Traditional values ​​are not a fixed set of postulates. Of course not! Their difference from neoliberal values ​​is that they are unique and stem from the traditions of a particular society. Traditional values ​​cannot be imposed – they must be respected. This is our understanding.


– The collapse of the Soviet Union also destroyed the balance of geopolitical forces. The West felt like a winner and proclaimed a unipolar world order. Now this historical period is coming to an end. Ahead is the most dangerous, unpredictable and at the same time important decade since the end of World War II, Putin predicted.

The President repeated that the West can no longer lead the whole world alone. And the rest of the countries do not want this anymore.

– This is the main contradiction of the new era. In the words of a classic, the situation is, to a certain extent, revolutionary: the upper classes cannot, and the lower classes no longer want to live like this.

A photo: Mikhail FROLOV


The head of the country was asked with whom he associates himself.

– With bottoms! I’m from the bottom. Dad is a worker. My mother had no education, she worked as a nanny in the hospital, as a night watchman. I didn’t want to leave him in a manger… I subtly feel the pulse of what an ordinary person lives with.

– Are you on the side of those who do not want to? – asked the moderator of the plenary session Fyodor Lukyanov.

– At the global level. I am for what I said. For democratic relations.


After all, then we could become closer to Asia.

– We have such conversations. Our capital has been moved several times, but historically and mentally the center of Russia is always associated with Moscow. The problem of excessive centralization of all federal structures exists. I am in favor of decentralizing the city’s powers and competencies in other regions, as in other countries,” Putin replied.


Lukyanov asked the president: how our country has changed in a year.

– Of course, we have costs, primarily losses due to the special operation. There are economic losses. But there are also huge acquisitions! What is happening is for the benefit of Russia. Until recently, we thought that we were turning into a semi-colony: no financial calculations, no technology, no sales markets … One click and it will fall apart. But no! Nothing fell apart. The fundamentals turned out to be stronger. In most areas, our business intercepts those who leave,” the Russian leader replied.

– We realized that we are a great country. We can do this! he added.


– No, – admitted the head of the country.

– That is, there will be no organizational conclusions? – said Lukyanov.

– They are always needed. We need to train personnel, update ourselves, bring in new people who are able to work on tasks of a higher level. But in such a way that someone disappointed me – there is no such thing.


– We saw what was happening. It took eight years to create a fortified area (in the DPR – Ed.). Of course, it’s pointless to go head-to-head there. We understood that the process would continue, the further, the worse it would be. NATO development of the territory was in full swing. Fortified areas would be everywhere. What we see now, from the south and north, our troops are squeezing Ukrainian detachments is one thing. If the West had continued to build a fortified area for a few more years, to teach people, to supply weapons, the situation would have been different for Russia.


– This is a historical fact! Ukraine took shape as an artificial state. After World War II, Stalin transferred a number of Polish, Hungarian and Romanian lands to Ukraine. This is how today’s Ukraine was formed. Only Russia could be the only real guarantor of its statehood.


– As long as nuclear weapons exist, there is always a danger of their use. What is the purpose of creating nuclear threats? It is primitive, I can hardly be mistaken: the reason is the dictatorship of the West, attempts to put pressure end in nothing. Now politicians are looking for additional arguments to force everyone to oppose Russia. Hence the provocations with nuclear weapons, the aggravation of the situation. “Look, what a terrible country Russia is,” Putin mocked.

– Now a new idea: a “dirty” bomb. The rest of the nuclear fuel was converted, they can be loaded into Tochka-U, and then it can be said that Russia launched a nuclear strike.

I personally instructed Shoigu to call all his colleagues and inform them. The IAEA wants to check Ukraine’s nuclear facilities. We’re for it! This must be done as quickly and widely as possible!

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