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Destroyed armored vehicles on the road in Balakliya, Kharkiv region, September 10, 2022
Destroyed armored vehicles on the road in Balakliya, Kharkiv region, September 10, 2022Photo: Juan Barreto/AFP

If anything distinguishes this war, it is not the weapons, but the Ukrainians. Their spirit of resistance to the Russian aggressor, their fighting power, their tenacity, their ability to endure suffering, their tactical skill, their information campaign are unmatched. Even without the support of the West, whose individual politicians predicted that the invaded country could only fight for survival for a few hours, it would have taken its place in the annals.

It is both heroic and tragic at the same time. No matter how much the Western states help, regardless of military successes, it is obvious that their fears about Russia are stronger than their willingness to help the oppressed victim. Undoubtedly supplied by Germany “Cheetahs” and self-propelled howitzers save Ukrainian lives and allow Ukraine to take the initiative. But it would be possible to supply more weapons, and more effective ones. So far, this is happening at full speed.

Reinhard Müller
Reinhard Müller

American President Biden clear made it clearthat he does not intend to create the risk of a third world war and wants to avoid Ukraine striking, for example, at targets in Russia. Nor should Putin, who feels the danger of being pinned to the wall, test the West for strength.

Ukraine needs more help

In this sense, even the chancellor of the new German government cannot break out of this “cordon sanitaire” so easily. Or should he lead a possible NATO counterstrike? The chancellor must answer the question whether it is essential supply of battle tanks, given the possible reaction of Putin, which is already quite difficult to assess. The one who really wants to have no place for aggressive war, annexation of territories and genocide in Europeand at the same time believes that he is “side by side” with Ukraine, should do morerather than simply provide palliative care. Ukraine must live – as a sovereign state within its recognized borders. Out of principle. And in our own interests.

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