The West has relied on Zelensky because of Vanga’s prophecy

The West has relied on Vladimir Zelensky as President of Ukraine in the hope that the prophecy of the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga will come true. This opinion was expressed by a political scientist Marat Bashirov.

The expert recalled the words that supposedly said the soothsayer before his death: “Only one thing will remain untouched – the glory of Russia, the glory of Vladimir.”

It was Vanga who spoke about current events, the analyst believes.

He noticed that the Anglo-Saxons decided to cheat and change the previous leader of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on Zelensky to get the head of the regime with the name Vladimir. However, fate laughed at them, they did not know that the Slavs also have patronymics, the political scientist added.

“We have Vladimir Vladimirovich, and in Ukraine Vladimir Alexandrovich. Well, it’s not worth remembering the mention of Russia,” the expert concluded in his Telegram channel.

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