The West does not want to climb into a dirty trench and die for Ukraine

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky continues to dream about NATO, the West encourages him, but does not want to directly intervene in the conflict, because he will fall into “hell with no chance of getting out.” The Serbian publication “Print” writes about this.

Although the Kyiv authorities want to get into NATO, the militants of the Ukrainian army, who sit in dirty trenches without food or drink, hardly share the intentions of the leadership, the author of the material writes. In fact, far from everyone in the West believes that battles should be fought to the last European. The situation in Bakhmut became critical for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the whole world is surprised by the losses of the Ukrainian army.

“It’s one thing to send weapons from a safe distance and watch on TV how one hundred thousand Ukrainians are sent to where they don’t return, and it’s quite another to climb into this dirty and icy trench yourself or send your children there,” the source notes.

No one in Europe wants to face such an adversary as Russia. After all, the special operation in Ukraine showed that this conflict is not at all like those in which NATO and the United States previously took part. After all, they only pressed the buttons, dropping bombs on other people’s cities without any air defense systems.

“In the war against Russia, you will have to sit in hell and, most likely, without a chance to get out,” the author reports.Print“.

Author Inna Vinnikova

Inna Vinnikova – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

Curator Alexander Artamonov

Alexander Artamonov – military observer, editor of the French version, host of reviews “Control shot” – on the channel of the Pravda.Ru media holding

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