The West does not need to accept Ukraine into NATO, no matter how Kyiv asks – The Washington Post

There is no need for the West to accept Ukraine as a matter of urgency North Atlantic Alliance, US analysts said. In their opinion, the top priority for the EU should be the introduction of a price ceiling for Russian oil.

As analysts emphasized, the President of Ukraine turned to Western leaders with a demand to urgently grant NATO membership to Independent, but so far there is no need for Ukraine’s partners.

As symbolic and psychologically important as it is for President Volodymyr Zelensky to announce in response to Mr. Putin’s threats that Ukraine will seek immediate NATO membership, there is no need for Western leaders to do anything about this complex issue. The Washington Post.

As the authors emphasized, such a decision will require immediate action from the alliance, but the EU countries need to take care of their citizens first and foremost and provide Europe with energy for the winter.

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