The weapon that caught Putin: rocket launchers Svt

He gave the weapon that captured Putin

in the next few days you will:

  • The spirit of Hadho Island
  • Muskovo bombardovn

We have an interactive arms guide, which is being used by the Ukrainian army and is strongly reflected in the nature of the biggest conflict in Europe since World War II.

However, it must be added that the innovative procedures of the Ukrainian army and Russia’s unexpected modern weapons only wall compensate for the overwhelming Russian power in all measurable segments.

I. Rocket launchers

Along the asphalt road in the direction of Kiev val Rusk Pancov column. I drive T-72 tanks, behind them infantry fighting vehicles so-called bvpka. It looks like the landslides of the dunes are flying smoothly under the armor and far from anyone who would stand up to them. The respect they inspire is astounding.

Sneezon bag from the alley tree by the road trip lightning projectile. Where did it come from? Tankistm can find the first good insole, but it is the first tsedmdestdvojka in flames. The mysterious insole sailed over the tank and the death body of the crew exploded overhead.

Te u to go rz to rz. The commander of the column led left to the left of the dead, to do so in military terminology and tanks with transport maneuvering on the roads. The soldiers jump out of the buzz and get ready to fight. The last tanker is trying to get out of the boy’s tank, but they don’t have much. At that moment he put the tank

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