The video of the dramatic arrest of the woman accused of killing and cutting off her husband’s penis

Video: this was the arrest and transfer.

On tuesday night, Florence Amado Cattaneo, 41 years old, an employee of the Buenos Aires General Directorate of Culture and Education since 2012, arrived at her mother’s house, in the Gonnet area, aboard a taxi with her hands stained with blood. Minutes earlier, she had left the musician’s crime scene. Pedro Zarateher husband in a blue Fiat Palio, which he abandoned in the vicinity of the Saavedra Park.

Up to the property, located on 490 street, between 14 and 14 bis, at 1900, agents of the Buenos Aires Police arrived to handcuff her, alerted by the macabre discovery on the second floor of a building located at 81 and 28 street.

Florencia Amado Cattaneo, the woman who murdered and cut off her husband's genitals (Facebook)
Florencia Amado Cattaneo, the woman who murdered and cut off her husband’s genitals (Facebook)

Patricia, Florencia’s sister, worried because his brother-in-law did not answer the phone After a strong discussion that the couple had last Sunday, he decided to enter the house where the couple lived with their little son.

There he was able to see Zárate, 50 years old, dead on the bed He had multiple stab wounds: he had been stabbed all over his body, mainly in the chest area. The murderer had also plunged the knife into his eyes and cut off his genitals.

According to police sources, I would have stuck a knife in each eye as well.

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Pedro Zárate, the victim, was a musician.  (Facebook)
Pedro Zárate, the victim, was a musician. (Facebook)

Upon arriving at the police station, to which she was transferred after her arrest, the alleged murderer was taken by the arm by a police officer.

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The moment was recorded in a video in which it can be seen that the woman is wearing a grimace on the face and shows difficulty walking. Despite the heat on Tuesday night, she is wearing a zip-up jacket over a dress.

cut off her husband's genitals
cut off her husband’s genitals

Although the results of the expert reports still remain to be known and statements to be made, the investigators consider that the case is clarified and that the arrested woman is the sole author of the crime.

UFI No. 1 of La Plata intervenes in the case, in charge of prosecutor Ana Medinathe sources specified.

According to his profile on the social network Facebook, Zárate was a trumpeter, He worked at the Cultural Center “Estación Provincial” in La Plata, since 2016 and was a native of Córdoba. He had married Amado Cattaneo in 2017. That is, six years ago.

While, infobae was able to find out that the woman arrested for the murder has been an employee of the General Directorate of Culture and Education of the Province of Buenos Aires since 2012.

In his last post on Instagram, on January 6, the victim had posted an image of San Baltasar and a prayer: “Holy Cambá, San Baltasar, protect us…”. The only comment he received was from his wife in which he repeated the last word: “Protect us.”

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