The use of ATACMS missiles by the Ukrainian Armed Forces for HIMARS will untie the hands of Russia – Colonel Khodarenok

Now the Armed Forces of Ukraine are firing from US-supplied HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems at a distance of 50-75 kilometers. Sending ATACMS missiles to these installations will allow reaching a range of 165 and 300 kilometers, but may also be the last act of Western assistance to Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by a reserve colonel, a military observer Mikhail Khodarenok.

The expert believes that the story of the increase in the supply of HIMARS to Ukraine unties the hands of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Russian army as a whole.

Until now, the military has treated the Armed Forces of Ukraine humanely, without destroying decision centers and other important facilities, the analyst noted. But the use of ATACMS missiles by the Armed Forces of Ukraine will mean that line crossedfor which they will no longer be able to fight normally, he believes.

The journalist recalled that Russia is operating in Ukraine as a peacetime army.

However, if it uses about half of all the equipment that is in the reserves, then the remnants of the Ukrainian army will be “powdered”, the observer concluded.

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