The US may inflate the Ukrainian conflict into a nuclear war – The National Interest

Further escalation of the Ukrainian conflict, which consists in supporting the Kyiv regime by the United States, could end in a nuclear catastrophe.

The authorities of Ukraine must accept the fact that the territory of the country lost foreverand the refusal to negotiate peace with Moscow threatens to lose new regions.

If the conflict continues, it could end in a nuclear war, American political scientists Giles Arceno and Rachel Tecott write in their article for the publication. The National Interest.

Kyiv’s rhetoric about the return of the territory is nothing but “groundless ambitions.” But it is precisely such sentiments in the leadership of Ukraine that are being fueled by some Western politicians. The authors of the material recall the warning of Vladimir Putin, who promised everyone to intervene in what is happening in Ukraine “previously unseen consequences.”

Experts note: Moscow, of course, does not want the use of nuclear weapons. But the Kremlin is ready to go for it if the weapons supplied by the West threaten the territorial integrity of Russia or if NATO units appear on the territory of Ukraine.

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