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A bipartisan group of members of the US House of Representatives, led by Lawmaker Ted Liu (D-Calif.), introduced an act recognizing Russia as a State Sponsor of Terrorism (GTS). As reported by The New York Times (NYT) on Friday, July 29, if the US Congress passes and signs the law, the measure will bypass the resistance of the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and include the Russian Federation in the list, which already includes North Korea, Syria, Cuba and Iran.

Despite the “emotional appeal” Blinken is resisting a move that could force him to impose sanctions on U.S. allies leading business with Russiaand destroy “the remnants of diplomacy between Washington and Moscow.”

Listing on the GTS

The price that Russia pays in accordance with our measures and the sanctions of other countries is absolutely consistent with the consequences that could come after being included in the list of state sponsors of terrorism, Blinken said at a press conference. “So the practical implications of what we’re doing are the same,” says the US Secretary of State.

The inclusion of a country in the GTS list officially provides for the restriction of assistance (including economic) from the United States, a ban on the export and sale of defense products, additional measures to control the export of dual-use products, enhanced financial monitoring of transactions with GTS counterparties. In addition, this measure has significant implications in connection with the introduction of so-called “secondary sanctions” – restrictions against individuals and countries trading with a “terrorist” state.

Senate resolution is not binding

On July 28, the US Senate passed a resolution calling on the State Department to recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. The document is not binding. As the NYT notes, while the Senate resolution was just a call to action with no legal force, the measure presented by the group led by Ted Lew could allow Blinken’s resistance to be circumvented.

“United States must use all the means at our disposal to stop Russia in its violent aggression in Ukraine,” Lew said in turn. “I am pleased to form a bipartisan coalition of deputies to defend this issue,” he stressed, speaking about the possible adoption of the act.

Does not mean “the entry of the US armed forces into hostilities”

The Senate resolution accused the Russian government of carrying out a campaign of terror and using force against civilians during the second military campaign in Chechnya, carrying out strikes in Syria, and supporting separatists in the Donbass since 2014.

The US Senate “is considering the actions of the Russian government, committed on the instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, as sponsoring terrorist acts.” At the same time, the document stipulated that “nothing in this resolution should be interpreted as authorizing the use of military force or the entry of US armed forces into hostilities.”

The Kremlin warned that it was “very negative” about the consequences for relations with Washington in the event that the US Congress recognizes Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

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