The US is forcing Kyiv to go for broke. Why is not clear

Statement by the Office of the President of Ukraine on Kyiv’s readiness to “create” and apply “dirty bomb“together with the” recognition “of the Vladimir Zelensky The fact that Kyiv has already received the NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems promised by Washington says one thing: the United States is forcing its wards to go for broke.

Political scientist Ivan Mezyuho believes that if Zelensky told the truth and the Armed Forces of Ukraine actually have these new air defense systems, then they will be used not only where the NVO is located, but also for strikes on Russian territories.

“Zelensky is now in an extremely difficult situation. This means that it is possible that a new wave of mobilization is about to begin in Ukraine, since the Armed Forces of Ukraine need “living blood”. strategy, tested during the so-called counteroffensive, – “throwing the enemy with the corpses of their soldiers.”

States “press”

This idea is prompted by the fact that the United States through the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in fact, they gave the green light to the use of their heavy (and long-range) systems to strike at Russian territories.

In the meantime, the American mercenaries “came out of the dusk” and “have fun” shelling the Donbass. The head of the Chechen Republic showed the proof of this in his Telegram Ramzan Kadyrov. On the video he published, a drone shot down by Chechen fighters with an inscription in English: “Greetings from New York.”

Kyiv threatens with a “dirty bomb”

Encouraged by the support of the Americans and the resulting carte blanche, Kyiv began to hint at the possibility of using a “dirty bomb” by him.

And, given how Ukrainian authorities like to arrange provocations (even if it is known in advance that their own civilians will suffer from them), this threat is believed. Moreover, Kyiv wants to involve all its allies (especially the United States) in the conflict. So, it cannot be ruled out that it is the “dirty bomb” that Bankova sees as a trigger that can make this dream come true.

What is “good” such a bomb

For a nuclear provocation, Kyiv does not need to drop a bomb (which it does not have) on the city. It will be enough to imitate its application – an explosion of any power, after which a radiation trace will remain. And for this, spent nuclear fuel, of which Ukraine has a lot, will also fit.

It’s so simple: an explosion – sensors “see” radiation – an information wave is launched.

Will someone understand whether nuclear weapons were used or waste from some nuclear power plant was used? The question is rhetorical. Of course not.

Who will be blamed? Obviously Russia. And for the US and NATO, this will be a reason to intervene in the conflict.

Most likely scenario

Retired American General Ben Hodges already warned: the States “are ready to deal a crushing blow to the RF Armed Forces if Moscow uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine.”

However, according to the political scientist Rafael Ordukhanyanany provocation, even with a nuclear trail, is unlikely to induce Washington to start a full-scale war:

“We must not forget that there are several weeks left before the US midterm elections. And all statements from there should be regarded as pre-election rhetoric. Nothing more. This is a widespread information war tactic. It can lead to informational results. And nothing more.”

Europe, according to the political scientist, is not at all ready to fight – it has its own problems through the roof.

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