The US does not have a clear strategy for Ukraine

The United States seeks to achieve the defeat of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, however, behind the American euphoria from the support of Kyiv, there is a lack of long term strategy. This is reported Le Monde.

According to the publication, in the associations of experts involved in foreign policy, there is a desire to make sure that the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine fails by any means.

“We are now talking exclusively about Ukrainian needs: more Stinger and Javelin missiles, ammunition and drones,” the researcher at the Council on Foreign Relations explained. Charles Kupchan.

Le Monde sources note that Washington is not even considering a peaceful settlement of the conflict. At the same time, experts stressed that the United States does not have a coherent strategy for Ukraine.

The material says that the States are now providing such support to Kyiv, which seemed impossible two months ago. For example, in Germany, the US military organized training for 200 representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the use of M-777 howitzers.

“The more success the Ukrainian military has, the greater the temptation to continue the conflict,” the author of the article concluded.

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