The US Department of Defense saw an increase in Russian troops in Ukraine in recent weeks

The number of Russian troops in Ukraine has increased by 5 BTG in recent weeks.

It is reported by Ukrinform with reference to the publication The Hill with reference to a high-ranking representative of the US Department of Defense.

“We are still seeing frequent reports of poor troop morale, including officers who refuse to obey orders and move, and not very reliable command and control in terms of leadership,” the official told reporters.

It is noted that officers of the middle class at various levels, even down to the level of the battalion, either refused to follow orders, or “do not obey them with the same speed that one would expect from an officer.”

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The official noted that, in addition to addressing troop morale issues, the Kremlin is trying to resupply troops and move weapons and equipment in the spring weather.

Moscow continues to send operational battalion tactical groups (BTGs) to Ukraine and there are 97 such groups in the country, up from 92 at the end of last month, the official said. Each btg usually consists of approximately 700 to 800 soldiers.

“It is not surprising that they move one or two BTGs from the Donbass back to Russia for re-equipment or resupply, and then return them back. It’s normal,” the official said.

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He also noted that about five BTGs, which the Russian Federation additionally sent to Ukraine, were sent either to the east or to the south.

As Ukrinform reported, from February 24 to May 10, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated about 26,000 (+350) Russian servicemen. Also destroyed were 1,170 (+25) tanks, 2,808 (+44) armored combat vehicles, 519 (+6) artillery systems, 185 (+0) MLRS, 87 (+0) air defense systems, and 199 (+0), helicopters – 158 (+0), operational-tactical level UAVs – 380 (+3), cruise missiles – 94 (+0), ships / boats – 12 (+0), vehicles and tank trucks – 1,980 (+10), special equipment – 41 (+0).

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