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The House of Representatives of the US Congress supported the ban on certain types of semi-automatic weapons. The votes in the Democratic Party-controlled lower house on Friday, July 29, were distributed along party lines. 217 legislators spoke in support, 213 against. Experts expect that the bill will not pass through the Senate, where the Democrats have 50 seats, and approval of at least 10 more Republicans is required.

Gun reform remains deeply divisive in the US – despite a spate of deadly mass shootings of late. In the House of Representatives, only two Republicans joined Democrats in support of the ban.

Biden welcomed the results of the vote

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the bill “a major step in the fight against the deadly epidemic of gun violence in our country.”

Gun sales in New Jersey

Gun sales in New Jersey (file photo)

President Joe Biden welcomed the outcome of the vote, noting, “A majority of Americans agree with this common sense action.” Biden was instrumental in securing the earlier ban on semi-automatic weapons when he was a senator in 1994.

The ban on semi-automatic and other assault weapons was adopted in the United States in 1994 for a period of 10 years and after the expiration of this period was not extended, which led to a sharp increase in sales.

Among the weapons listed in the bill now approved by the House of Representatives are more than 200 types of semi-automatic rifles, including AR-15s, and handguns. The document makes it illegal their saleimport, manufacture or transfer to others.

Republicans say vote is populist

“We will continue to protect the rights of all law-abiding gun owners who, within the framework of safety regulations, use, possess and carry firearms, including AR-15s,” said James Comer (R-Kentucky).

Many in the Republican Party see the vote as a populist move ahead of the Nov. 8 midterm elections.

Tightening control over the circulation of firearms

Biden on June 25 signed a law to tighten control over the turnover firearms. The document called for the introduction of more stringent checks before the sale of weapons to persons under the age of 21, as well as the allocation of $ 15 billion to fund mental health services for citizens and ensure the safety of educational institutions. In addition, the law prohibited individuals convicted of domestic violence from acquiring firearms for five years and provided states with $750 million in grants for crisis intervention programs.

The law was passed against the background of increasing cases of massacres from firearms in the country. So, on May 24, at an elementary school in the city of Uvalde, Texas, 19 children and three adults, including the attacker, were killed in a shooting.

Shortly before that, on May 15, an 18-year-old white man shot and killed 10 black people in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York.

As a result of the shooting opened on July 4 at the parade on the occasion of US Independence Day in Highland Park, suburban chicagokilled at least six people. Over 40 more were injured.

On June 11, thousands of supporters of restrictions on the free sale of weapons took place in Washington and 300 other US cities.

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