The United States will not sit overseas in the event of a war in Europe

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin deprived the United States of the opportunity to sit out on its continent in the event of a war in Europe.

This was announced by a military expert Yakov Kedmi.

Washington is mistaken in assessing the risks of a nuclear war with Moscow. If Russia feels that NATO is preparing an attack, it can strike at the territory of the aggressor.

Analyst noted that the borders are already determined by the president of Russia himself, including with regard to the NWO in Ukraine.

“If actions are taken that threaten Russian soldiers on the territory of Ukraine, the Russian Federation will stop them. It will use weapons against those who take them. … That is, it makes no sense to preventively destroy NATO or American forces on the border of Ukraine,” Kedmi said.

This approach of Russia destroys the eternal model of US behavior. The Americans will no longer be able to sit out across the ocean, because Moscow is well aware of who manages and commands the NATO alliance today. But it is unbearably difficult for the White House to realize this from the point of view of psychology, summed up the expert in the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov program.

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