The United States will be able to protect itself from the attack of hypersonic missiles using satellites

American military expert Caleb Larson stated that it used to be safe in outer space. Now, however, China and Russia have begun attack US satelliteshe noted. In response to the threat from Beijing and Moscow, Washington announced the creation of a network of satellites that can detect and track hypersonic missiles.

The US Space Development Agency (SDA) has already allocated a significant amount in the first tranche for the creation of new satellites for tracking missiles.

“The Tracking Layer effort is an important step towards building a space-based national defense architecture,” said the director of the SDA. Derek Tornir.

Moreover, the agency said in a statement that hypersonic missile tracking capabilities will be used to strengthen the capabilities of the Indo-Pacific Command. In the event of a military clash with Beijing, it is this command that China will “take over”, Larson noted in the publication. The National Interest (NI).

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