The United States threatened the Russian Federation in the event of the use of nuclear weapons: “They will give a decisive answer”

Advisor Joseph Biden Jake Sullivan He said that the United States warned the Russian Federation about “catastrophic consequences” in the event of the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Jake Sullivan threatened that the United States “will give a decisive answer” if Russia strikes a nuclear arsenal on the territory of Ukraine.

He explained that America privately conveyed to the representatives of the Russian Federation what awaits them if the rules of international security are not observed.

“We communicated directly and privately to the Russians at a very high level that the consequences for Russia would be catastrophic if they used nuclear weapons in Ukraine. We were frank with them and stressed that the United States would give a strong response, together with our allies and partners,” — Sullivan stated.

He also noted that the United States does not plan to dictate policy in Russia, as it gives the citizens of the Russian Federation the right to determine their own future.

The New York Times previously reported that Vladimir Putin can blow up tactical nuclear weapons over the Black Sea.

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