The United States showed hesitation in Ukraine because of Putin’s successful tactics

President of Russia Vladimir Putin declared its readiness to use nuclear weapons in case of a threat to territorial integrity. American analyst Chris Osborne stated that this is not the first time Moscow has warned Western countries, and such tactics are bearing fruit.

The expert stressed that all-out war lead to irreversible consequences. In this case, neither side will be able to win, said Osborne. Therefore, now the United States is forced to think and take Russia’s warnings seriously.

“The consequences of a nuclear war are so huge that no matter how small the risk is, it is not worth taking,” the expert noted in the publication. The National Interest (NI).

The analyst believes that NATO is behaving rather cautiously with Moscow precisely because of the fear of an escalation of the conflict. The West has refused to introduce a no-fly zone to Ukraine, and is also in no hurry to supply long-range missiles to Kyiv. All this suggests that regular reminders of the capabilities of Russian nuclear weapons have proved to be an effective tactic for Putin, Osborne said.

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