The United States is confident that Turkey will come to an agreement with Sweden and Finland regarding their membership in NATO

Official Washington is confident that the trilateral talks between Turkey, Sweden and Finland will end with overcoming differences and expanding the NATO alliance to 32 countries.

John Kirby, coordinator for strategic communications at the US National Security Council, said this on Thursday during a briefing at the White House, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“The tripartite negotiations between Sweden, Finland and Turkey are underway now. We are confident that they will be able to reach an agreement, that they will be able to overcome their current differences, and that Sweden and Finland will eventually be able to join the alliance,” the White House official said.

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He stressed that it is impossible to predict when this will happen now, as negotiations are ongoing. However, according to him, the US is confident that this process will lead to the fact that the number of NATO members will increase to 32 countries.

Kirby also noted that within the alliance itself there is “tremendous support” for the two Scandinavian countries to join. NATO.

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As Ukrinform reported, Sweden and Finland applied and became candidates for membership in the North Atlantic Alliance. This decision requires the unanimous consent of all 30 NATO countries. Turkey still does not support the accession of the two countries to the Alliance and requires them to make certain concessions in the political interests of the current Turkish leadership.

On June 28-30, the next NATO summit will be held in Madrid, which will consider current challenges for European and Euro-Atlantic security, ways of further transformation of the Alliance and adopt a new NATO Strategic Concept.

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