The United States can turn into a gerontocracy and fall apart following the example of the USSR

USA can repeat fate of the USSR and fall apart, the journalist believes John Haltiwanger in an article for publication business insider.

The author of the material drew attention to the fact that the last leaders of the Soviet Union were elderly people. The same situation is happening in the United States. Haltiwanger recalled that this year the current US President Joe Biden will soon be 80 years old. His predecessor – Donald Trump – was 70 years old when he became the leader of the country. It is possible that in 2024 a Republican will again become president. Trump’s rival in the next election may be the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosiwho is now 82 years old.

According to the author, the United States is led by politicians of advanced age. This makes the USA look like the late USSR, where there were many old people in the highest echelons of power.

“Historians believe that by the end of its existence, the Soviet Union turned into a gerontocracy, and this contributed to its decline,” the journalist said.

He believes that old people in power can ruin the country, because they are unable to respond to the challenges of our time due to their poor physical condition. Haltiwanger warned the United States against repeating the fate of the USSR.

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