The United States asks Serbia to sanction Russia for the aggression against Ukraine

Belgrade, 13 Jan. The United States believes that Serbia should join the sanctions against Moscow to punish Russia for its aggression against Ukraine, State Department adviser Derek Chollet said in Belgrade.

“Russian activities not only have to be condemned but also punished. Russia has launched a brutal and illegal war,” Chollet told reporters in Belgrade after a visit to Belgrade on Thursday.

He indicated that “Serbia has taken some important steps” to condemn the Russian aggression at the UN, although the US will work with Belgrade to give more support to Ukraine.

Serbia, a candidate for membership in the European Union, is a traditional ally of Russia, which defends Serbian interests in international forums in relation to the non-recognition of its former province of Kosovo.

Furthermore, Serbia is almost completely dependent on Russian gas supplies, although it has recently tried to diversify its energy sources.

Chollet warned today that the Russian paramilitary group “Wagner”, very close to the Kremlin, tries to recruit mercenaries in Serbia and other parts of the world, and that the United States “works with Serbia and other countries to put an end to these activities.” EFE


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