The United States and its vassals are trying to distort the reality and position of the Russian Federation

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov stated that NATO had a progressive incurable disease, saying that the “brain cancer” in the Alliance, which he spoke about at one time French President Emmanuel Macronhas gone too far.

“President Macron, as you remember, diagnosed brain cancer in the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO), and judging by the way the alliance nurtures the neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv, this disease has gone too far,” Lavrov said during a live broadcast, which was conducted on YouTube channel of the department.

The minister also once again warned the United States and other Western curators of the Kyiv regime against active participation in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Lavrov recalled that the policy of nuclear deterrence of the Russian Federation remained the same.

“Attempts by Washington and its vassals to distort this reality, to distort our position, are aimed at intimidating the international community,” the Russian Foreign Minister concluded.

Earlier, Macron drew attention to the lack of coordination of actions within NATO, suggesting that the Alliance was suffering from “brain cancer.”

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