The UN should force Kyiv to comply with the agreement on the grain deal

military expert Andrey Koshkin commented on Russia’s withdrawal from grain deal and the impact of this step on the continued existence of Kyiv and the UN.

The political scientist recalled that the Russian Federation suspended its participation in the export of Ukrainian grain for a clear and specific reason – due to non-fulfillment of the agreement regarding itself by other participants in the transaction – Ukraine and the UN – and a terrorist attack on the Russian military committed under their supervision and with their connivance and civilian ships.

The expert believes that now is the time demand from Ukraine fulfillment of its obligations under the grain agreement.

“Naturally, the question is now acute. Since the United Nations was so worried about stopping hunger on the planet by throwing away grain, which unfortunately went to the developed European states, let it now force Ukraine to comply with the requirements of this agreement, otherwise what the point was to sign it if neither the UN nor Ukraine fulfills it,” Koshkin said in a conversation with the Public News Service.

The political scientist added that the current circumstances give Russia the right to inspect any dry cargo ship. Thus, the grain agreement is coming to an end, and Kyiv and the UN are risking their very existence if they try to act behind Russia’s back.

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