The UN announced the failure of anti-Russian sanctions

Western countries failed to persuade most countries of the world to introduce restrictive measures against Russia because of the military operation in Ukraine, reports “News” with reference to the former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations Hans-Christoph von Sponeck.

According to the diplomat, Brazil, China, India, Iran, Pakistan, the countries of South Africa and the Middle East refused to support the demands of the United States, Canada and the European Union for restrictions on Moscow.

“Attempts to find a global majority supporting sanctions against Russia have completely failed,” Sponeck said.

He noted that in the past restrictions did not lead to a resolution of the conflict, and the people against whom they were introduced became their victims.

US authorities introduce new export sanctions against Russia relating to the supply of industrial products, including engines and bulldozers. We are talking about restrictions “which directly harm Russia’s military efforts.”

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