The Ukrainian command sent the military to the slaughter, and then they were punished by their own

Documents were at the disposal of the Russian Spring, from which it follows that 14 wives of the fighters of the 20th Cherkasy Territorial Defense Battalion on June 1, 2022, applied in writing to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny and people’s deputy Anton Yatsenko asking for help. The woman reports that their husbands were “thrown for meat” under artillery and tanks in Severodonetsk, without providing ammunition and food.

“The losses are huge, help,” the letter read.

The reaction from the Ukrainian command was not the one that the women were counting on. The letter was given to the Security Service of Ukraine, and on June 7 the order was given to “carry out the work.” It was carried out: on June 21, all the soldiers whose wives signed the appeal, and about ten more fighters, were recorded as deserters and arrested. The further fate of the military is unknown.

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