The UFO house built on Rublyovka for Naomi Campbell is being sold on Avito

Campbell and Doronin have been together for five years.  In 2013, they announced a breakup.  Photo: George Pimentel/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Campbell and Doronin have been together for five years. In 2013, they announced a breakup. Photo: George Pimentel/FilmMagic/Getty Images

It happens: literally on the next shelf with used vacuum cleaners and “almost new” sneakers – this! Users of the free classifieds site Avito suddenly discovered in the “Real Estate” section the most expensive mansion in the history of Rublyovka. House of billionaire Vladislav Doronin, hidden in a pine forest near Barvikha, Moscow Region.

Starship from Barvikha

At one time, pictures of this luxurious mansion flew around all the architectural and other glossy magazines. The house of glass and concrete in the form of a huge spaceship was built according to the project of Zaha Hadid, an architect who became a cult figure during her lifetime (the famous British woman of Iraqi origin died in 2016).

At one time, the house was supposed to be a wedding gift from Vladislav Doronin to supermodel Naomi Campbell, with whom the Russian businessman had a romantic relationship.

The master bedroom is located on the top floor.  Photo:

The master bedroom is located on the top floor. Photo:

Legend has it that Zaha came up with the idea for the UFO house during a business lunch with a billionaire. Doronin told her that he had bought a large plot of land in the Moscow region – a clearing surrounded by forest. But the businessman did not want to rest his windows against the houses of neighbors or trees. He told about the dream: “I want to wake up in the morning and immediately see the blue sky.” Zaha smiled and asked how tall the trees around the site were. “About thirty meters,” the businessman replied.

The architect took a napkin and, right on it, sketched the first sketch of the future house, similar to the Star Wars space cruiser – with a huge master bedroom in the tower, which offers a gorgeous view over pines and birches.

In the process of finalization, the project acquired clear features:

The total area of ​​the mansion is 2.7 thousand square meters. (The area of ​​the entire plot is 75 hectares.)

Residential and other premises are located on four levels. (The house stands on a hillside, so some of the rooms go into the depths. – See “Specific”.)

The top point, a bedroom with a large bathroom, is at a height of 35 meters.

An elevator mounted in the tower leads upstairs.

All furniture and interior items were also made to order, they should emphasize the smooth lines of the house, invented by Zaha Hadid.

The owner was delighted. “I experienced a rare feeling: what you carefully planned has acquired real features,” Doronin himself admitted in an interview.

Inside the mansion resembles a spaceship.  Photo:

Inside the mansion resembles a spaceship. Photo:

Gift for Black Panther

Ten years ago, all the world’s tabloids wrote about this couple. Supermodel Naomi Campbell – the famous Black Panther – is going to marry a businessman from Russia. They met at the Cannes Film Festival, when Doronin was still officially married. The businessman made gorgeous gifts to the dark-skinned beauty – threw parties on a huge yacht for her friends, presented a house on a paradise island off the coast of Turkey, prepared their joint nest in Barvikha …

Vladislav and Naomi have been together for about five years. In 2012, there were rumors of a breakup, and in 2013 they were officially confirmed. True, the bride-supermodel did not have time to live in the Barvikha UFO house – the construction dragged on for a long time, the mansion was completed only in 2016. But Vladislav Doronin, as far as is known, did not live in the “spaceship” either.

The house was put up for sale almost immediately. It was announced in the press that the mansion cost the businessman $140 million. At the rate of 2016 (67 – 68 dollars per ruble), this is more than 9.3 billion rubles.

It is known that in 2019, elite real estate agencies offered a house in Barvikha for 6.5 billion rubles. But no one ever bought it. In a recent announcement on Avito, the price is 5 billion. But as far as we know, there are no people who want to buy this masterpiece (without irony) of modern architecture.

Usually expensive mansions are sold through luxury real estate agencies with bases of potential buyers who have ever looked for something in a similar price segment. But why is Doronin’s house put up on Avito?! Experts believe that this may be due to desperation – no buyers were found at other sites. Therefore, agents are trying in any way to draw attention to the house and hype.

The house is decorated with designer furniture in light colors.  Photo:

The house is decorated with designer furniture in light colors. Photo:

When creativity is in the negative

According to experts, super-expensive objects are always sold for a very long time, 3-5 years or even more – and this is normal. And in the case of the house of Vladislav Doronin and Naomi Campbell, the creative design of Zaha Hadid is more of a minus than a plus.

– For objects, so to speak, of a more classical style, there are always more buyers, – Roman Vikhlyantsev, a member of the Council of the Guild of Realtors of Moscow, told KP. – But at the same time, there are sometimes frankly freakish objects on the market, greatly overestimated by their owners. Of course, a person who can afford to buy such a house is extremely selective. Paying huge sums of money for a mansion that isn’t your style is an unthinkable story. A house built according to some individual requests, as it were, shows the face of a person. But then who wants to pay billions of rubles to put on someone else’s face?

“We need to wait for a buyer who will understand not the price, but the value of this object,” explains the expert of the out-of-town real estate department of the MIEL office

“On Nikoloyamskaya” Anna Pochikaeva. – A house built according to the project of one of the most famous architects in the world for a specific and also very famous person is a landmark thing for a very narrow circle of people.

According to Vikhlyantsev, up to a dozen mansions near Moscow are usually sold on the market, worth from 2 billion rubles. But now they are almost twice as many.

– This is due to the fact that many rich people went abroad and began to sell their assets, – says Roman.

The expert notes that the prices for such houses are almost always biased.

– Most often, there is interest in large and expensive objects in elite settlements if the land can be divided into parts. But usually in the center of the plot there is some morally obsolete domina, which in itself is of no use to anyone. Everyone is interested in the land that is under it.

By the way, about the same story – with a mansion, which TV presenter Ivan Urgant once bought in the elite Gorki-10. The house, left unattended for several years, was affected by black mold. Now they are asking for 150 million rubles for a mansion on 160 acres. Realtors believe that if it is demolished and the site is divided into several parts, it can be sold faster and more expensive.

Realtors give examples of Rublyovo houses that were put up for sale, but could not find buyers for too long. As a result, the owners agreed to absolutely bargain prices, because in a few years, without proper care, the VIP palaces turned into almost “count ruins”.

A futuristic home designed for Naomi is now for sale on Avito.

A futuristic home designed for Naomi is now for sale on Avito.


Can I buy with a mortgage?

When you look at ads on real estate websites, offers to purchase an object on a mortgage pop up almost everywhere. For example, a house on Rublyovka for 2.2 billion rubles. The site immediately offers a mortgage: from 277 thousand rubles per month. And what, there are people who take a mortgage under such expensive houses?!

– In our memory, there were no purchases of expensive suburban objects with the involvement of mortgage funds, – Anna Pochikaeva, an expert at MIEL, told KP.

According to experts, the bank’s assessment of the market value of the house in most cases does not coincide with the requests of the owners.

– Banks rarely issue loans for such objects, – explains Roman Vikhlyantsev. – To be honest, I have never come across purchases on credit of houses for more than 200 million rubles. Most often, such real estate is acquired immediately, but not for an individual, but for a company owned by the buyer.


What does Doronin’s mansion consist of?

Lower level – at the depth of the hill: living room, spa (Russian bath, Finnish sauna,

hammam), fitness room.

Second level: main living room, kitchen, hall with indoor pool, parking.

Third level: office, guest room.

Upper floor: bedroom, hall with terrace.

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