the type of home heating system and water quality are important

The saying “Prepare your sleigh in summer” applies to battery selection into the house, despite the fact that the cold autumn and winter evenings are still far away.

An important parameter here is the compatibility of the pressure in the heating system of the house and the pressure of the radiator itself. So, if the pressure in the heating system is high, 8-9 atmospheres, individual devices may simply not withstand it. In this case, you need to choose aluminum radiators, the working pressure of which is 16 atmospheres, or bimetallic ones, which do not care about the pressure of 35 atmospheres, the expert said. Sergey Lebedev in an interview with the publication “Vesti Podmoskovye”.

The specialist added that the quality of water in the home heating system, namely the pH value, is of no less importance when choosing a heating device. If we are talking about a central heating system, this indicator is usually not the best – 8.5pH, while with proper cleaning it is 7-8pH. If the water is normally cleaned, any radiator is suitable, and if things are not going well with this, it is better to stop at bimetallic radiators, while aluminum ones will soon begin to leak.

“If you plan to connect radiators to the smart home system, set up automatic climate control in the apartment or control it from a smartphone, it is better to choose less inertial batteries, for example, aluminum or bimetallic ones. They cool down and heat up in about half an hour,” Lebedev added.

In conclusion, the expert advised choosing radiators from manufacturers who have already earned a good reputation in the Russian market and can give a guarantee for their products.

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