The two key saves by Franco Armani, a great figure of River Plate against Patronato: what he said about the chances of fighting for the title

The goalkeeper was the figure and assured that they do not get out of the fight for the title

Frank Armani was again decisive in a triumph of River Plate. The goalkeeper had key saves in the visit to Paraná to beat Patronage and not give up in the fight for the title in the Professional League.

The only goal of the game was scored by Miguel Borgiabut the goalkeeper emerged as a great figure by containing a penalty when the game was 0-0 and then deflected a powerful shot shortly after the end, which was destined for a goal.

Armani saved a penalty and kept the zero in his goal at the end of the first half.

“As I say, it is always the work that falls to one. Thank God today it happened to me in the penalty when we were 0-0 and on a difficult court. We knew that they are fighting over the issue of relegation and they were going to play it all, the game was like that. Lots of ball, aerial game, win the rebounds. It happened that way. Them throughout the game was the penalty and in the second half one or the other, but without much difficulty. We were very well placed in general lines, the defense as well and it was a very important victory for us”.

The River Plate goalkeeper excelled against Sergio Ojeda and kept the advantage in Paraná

Armani’s analysis is perfect. This is how a very important duel took place for the Patron, who fought more than he played, but which complicated the Millionaire. Also the goalkeeper, who appeared when the team needed him most. And in those two balls, Franco told why Sergio Ojeda’s chance shortly after the end was very difficult: “Because as I went to the goal the ball moved a lot, but thank God I was able to touch it and take it from above”.

Can River Plate fans get excited about the championship? “We will continue until the end. We have to keep winning, adding three and let’s hope. Obviously we are up there, it is what we want, but we have to continue thinking of entering the Copa Libertadores. Make sure of that, we are not giving up and we are going to continue until the end”, concluded the goalkeeper of the Argentine team.

Franco Armani’s double save at the start of the complement.

River Plate added its third win in a row in the Professional League, reached the podium of the table with 41 points and is only four behind Boca Juniors, who have a pending game against Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata. Regarding entry to the next Copa Libertadores, the Millionaire is also third with 70 points, nine more than Argentinos Juniors, the first team to go outside the classification zone. El Bicho still has to play against Huracán.


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