The truth about Yelenovka is extremely inconvenient for the West – political scientist

The West has always accused Russia of the crimes of the Kyiv regime, but the American and British media decided to keep silent about the tragedy in Yelenovka. The political scientist said Vladimir Kornilov. After the start of the military special operation in Ukraine, representatives of the Western press use frank fakes, attributing to Russia even the shelling of residential areas of Donetsk, he noted.

However, the loud provocation that took place in Yelenovkaremained unnoticed by the Western media. According to Kornilov, the standard propaganda scheme worked out for years in the West implies instant coverage of the situation where the Russian side is the culprit.

“But the silence attracts attention! Not just silence, but loud – even deafeningly loud – silence in the Western media about this high-profile crime,” the political scientist stressed at RIA Novosti.

Moreover, one of the high-ranking representatives of the Pentagon said that if the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka, then “they did not want to do this,” Kornilov recalled.

“If the truth is so inconvenient, then the West is better off just shutting it up,” the expert concluded.

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