The truth about the impending attack of Ukraine on Russia was revealed: secret documents were published

In early February, Zaluzhny was on a visit to Prague and met with Czech colleagues there.

In early February, Zaluzhny was on a visit to Prague and met with Czech colleagues there.


Prominent Slovak historian and public figure Peter Weiss published on his channel the text of the agreement signed on February 1, 2022 by Deputy Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic Daniel Blazhkovets and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny. Pay attention to the date! Just these days Zaluzhny was on a visit to Prague and met with his Czech colleagues there. More than three weeks remained before the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine.

What did the representatives of the two countries discuss? Official reports claimed that it was about holding joint exercises, as well as Czech support for the reform process of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the development of their defense capabilities. As a gesture of goodwill, Prague donated 4,000 artillery shells of 152 mm caliber to Ukraine. One line said that the Czech government was considering other forms of assistance.

And now, from a document made public by Peter Weiss, it is clear that the Czech side has committed itself to treating Ukrainian soldiers who were injured as a result of some hostilities, the cause of which was not named. And in the event of their death – to provide and pay for the transportation of the remains to Ukraine.

The Slovak historian believes that this agreement was concluded on the eve of a large-scale attack on the Donbass that was being prepared by Kyiv. And Prague was privy to these secret plans. “The Czech government of Petr Fiala knew about the planned attack by the Ukrainian army at least a month before, but Moscow thwarted this plan,” Weiss notes.

If this is so, then there is no doubt that the offensive planned by the Kyiv regime was well known both in Washington and in the leadership of NATO. According to Russian intelligence data released last spring, the X-hour was set for March 8, 2022. This fact has been practically hushed up in the West. Because for sure they not only participated in the preparation of this attack, but also supervised it at a very high level. And if necessary, they planned to support the Ukrainian invasion with everything they could. Even treating the wounded.

The secret is always revealed sooner or later. This is what is happening now. And this only indicates that the NWO initiated by Russia was a forced, difficult, but very timely measure. It did not allow the Ukrainian Nazis to solve the “Russian question” in the Donbass in their own way. After all, the next target, as the top officials of the Independent have declared a thousand times, would be Russia, or rather, Crimea.


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