The trial for the crime of Báez Sosa: the rugbiers arrived and a young man who accuses them of bullying and robbery is expected to testify

The transfer of the rugbiers this morning (Ezequiel Acuña)
The transfer of the rugbiers this morning (Ezequiel Acuña)

Today at 7:30, the eight accused of the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa arrived at the courts of Dolores in the usual convoy of the Federal Penitentiary Service for the tenth hearing of the trial against him. The hearing occurs after Luciano Pertossi spontaneously declared yesterday when he was pointed out by experts in the images that showed the beating of Báez Sosa, an unexpected twist.

For this Friday, the declarations of Veronica Onieva and of Javier Timoteo, the volunteer firefighters who assisted the victim at dawn on January 18, 2020 in front of the Le Brique bowling alley, before the ambulance arrived with the doctor Carolina Giribaldi, who found him without vital signs.

To his word would be added that of Pablo Gaston Zapataa young man who lives in Zárate and who He denounced having been attacked by the rugbiers accused of murdering Fernando months before the crime. He also maintained that one of them, Lucas PertosiHe stole his motorcycle. His presence, however, is not one hundred percent confirmed, according to sources with access to the file to this medium.

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