The tender and unexpected moment when a child interrupted a wedding in Chihuahua


A couple was surprised during their wedding for little boywho in the middle of the civil ceremony offered them marzipan. The interruption was recorded in a video that went viral on social networks, where hundreds of people have taken the situation humorously.

The recording of the union, which apparently took place in the state of Chihuahua, was shared on the popular platform by the user @alondramartinez, who chose as a description “Do you want marzipan?” In the clip of only 16 seconds you can see theThe judge giving the final part of the speech when the little one enters with a box of sweets.

The boy managed to get to the desk, where he placed the marzipans, and asked if they wanted to buy him one. Then the woman who was officiating the civil liaison told her not to move her finger, before the groom’s gaze, who in turn turned his head holding back his laughter while the bride did not lose concentration at any time.

A civil wedding was interrupted by a minor who entered to offer sweets Credits: Tik Tok @alondramartinez396

“In the name of the law, I declare them in legitimate marriage, with all the rights and obligations established by law,” the judge managed to mention seconds before the minor entered the site.

The video on Tik Tok, published on December 9, sparked comments from users who laughed at what happened. Among the responses are some from people for whom The attitude of the judge and the groom did not go unnoticedlike “Hahahahahahaha how he says no with his finger and the guy holding back his laughter.”

“Until the masapan separates them. Congratulations ”,“ the look she gave her vato ”,“ The judge is well focused on what she learned throughout her career and the child: Do you want marzipan? ” They were also part of the reactions.

This is not the first time that an interruption to a moment that is supposed to be romantic has gone viral on networks. In October, a video of a bear interrupting a marriage proposal in Nuevo León.

And it is that a man, prepared a romantic evening on a balcony, with a light sign with the phrase marry me (Marry me) on the floor covered in rose petals, However, Just as he was on his knees placing the engagement ring on his girlfriend’s finger, a huge brown bear walked past. calmly in front of them and even turned his head for a few seconds to look at them.

Bear sightings are common in Nuevo León (Photo: Screenshot/Twitter/@dftlvsk)
Bear sightings are common in Nuevo León (Photo: Screenshot/Twitter/@dftlvsk)

In this case, both took the situation in the best way, because in the video you can see that they laughed as soon as they saw the imposing animal pass by. The man who recorded it could not help laughing either and added: “What a good anecdote.”

The recording generated all kinds of reactions as it even reached Russian diplomacy in Mexico, which invited the couple. “We believe that this is a sign and that the couple should register their relationship at the #Russian Embassy in #Mexico. We will be waiting! PS Help the couple see our unique offer! Thank you for sharing,” the organization commented through its Twitter account @EmbRusiaMexico.

And it is that in Nuevo León, bear sightings are commonEven so, every time his appearance is recorded on video, he attracts attention on social networks. Only on December 9, the bear breaking into a family reunion.


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