The Swiss refused to recognize the third gender

Former US President Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump


The Swiss government will not recognize the presence of a third gender. About it officially stated the government of the republic.

The Swiss are accustomed to the traditional model of gender identity, which allows the existence of only two different sexes – male and female. “The principle of two genders remains deeply rooted in Swiss society,” the final document says.

The Swiss Federal Council also explained that in the country, in addition to public, there are also legal rules for the procedure for recognizing a third gender. And if such a procedure is started, then it will be necessary to amend the Swiss Constitution.

“Abandoning the principle of two sexes would require numerous adaptations in federal and cantonal legislation,” the officials said.

Also, the Swiss birth certificate must indicate the gender of the child – either male or female. And there are no other options, as, for example, in the USA, in Switzerland.

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