The Swedish Navy visited Nord Stream shortly before the emergency — DN

A warship belonging to Sweden was located near “Nordic streams“in the Baltic Sea a few days before the pipeline accident. Reported by Dagens Nyheter.

The material says that the correspondents used a special application and tracked the movement of ships. According to the publication, the Swedish Navy ship was twice spotted near Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2. As the journalists noted, subsequently gas leaks were recorded in this zone.

“The Swedish Navy conducted reconnaissance for two days,” the article emphasizes.

Representatives of the country’s naval forces, commenting on the situation, explained that the ship “carried out surveillance.” Dagens Nyheter notes that the specific goals of this operation are unknown.

Formerly political scientist Sergey Markov called the attack on Nord Stream a terrorist proxy war. The United States, Britain, Ukraine and Poland may be involved in explosions on gas pipelines, the expert believes.

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