The Supreme Shaman of Russia praised his colleagues for the general rite in support of the military

Supreme shaman of Russia Kara-ool Dopchun-ool turned to his colleagues from Russia and other countries after a general ceremony held in support of Russian military personnel participating in the NWO in Ukraine.

“The shamans of our Great Motherland Russia. You are all great. You performed very necessary rituals. I wish all the shamans of Russia happiness and success in further strengthening our homeland, and maintaining our soldiers in good luck and prosperity, and they were invulnerable from bullets and from danger. For Russia. For the World,” the supreme shaman’s administration quotes him on its VKontakte page.

According to the information on the page, a joint ritual “in defense of our land, our people, our Fatherland, to raise and strengthen the spirit of our soldiers, to achieve victory over all the enemies of the Great Bright Russia” was held on October 9, starting at nine o’clock in the morning Moscow time . Judging by the comments, shamans in many regions of Russia and abroad joined the joint ceremony.

On October 10, the RF Armed Forces began to inflict massive missile strikes on objects of military administration, energy and communications of Ukraine.

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