The Supernatural star shot his mother in the back of the head at the age of 21 and continued the party. Now he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Ryan Grantham since the age of nine on the screen

Ryan Grantham since the age of nine on the screen

Actor Ryan Grantham, who became famous after the role of Jeffrey Augustine in the fourth season of the popular Hollywood project Riverdale (from the age of nine on the screen, played in the series Supernatural, the films The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, I Am a Zombie, etc.), was sentenced to life imprisonment. .

The Supreme Court of British Columbia issued a harsh verdict. But the crime that the artist committed two years ago, that is, at the age of 21, was no less cruel. In his own apartment in Vancouver, he shot his mother (Barbara Waite) in the back of the head with a .22 rifle while the woman was playing the piano. This happened on March 31, 2020.

Immediately afterwards, Grantham filmed her body on a GoPro camera and recorded a confession to the murder (“Another second and she would have realized who did it”). However, the guy did not go to the police. He didn’t end up with himself either. He … continued to relax, enjoy alcohol and soft drugs. I rehearsed how to make a Molotov cocktail and watched Netflix. All this time, the cold corpse of the mother with a crushed head lay near the piano. Only the next day the murderer covered the mother’s body with a sheet, placed lighted candles around it, and for some reason hung the rosary on the piano.

Why did he do it? Looking ahead, let’s say – the excuse was strange: they say, they did not want their mother to know that her son would kill the prime minister of the country in which they live. Yes, Grantham did stick to that plan after his mother was murdered. He collected a whole arsenal of weapons – three rifles, cartridges, camping equipment and even Molotov cocktails – and went on a terrorist attack.

However, along the way, the impulsive guy changed his mind – he decided to arrange a “meat grinder” at Simon Fraser University, from which he was expelled. Fortunately, willpower and determination were not enough for this. Having abandoned the idea of ​​shooting people and killing Justin Trudeau, the artist drove to the nearest police station, where he surrendered.

Now Grantham Prison will undergo mandatory psychiatric treatment, and the right to apply for parole will be received only after 14 years. The investigation went on for almost two years, and back in June it was assumed that Ryan could count on parole in 12 years. But the prosecutor insisted on a tougher verdict, stressing that it was a case of “heartbreaking breach of trust.” The man’s lawyer said that the actor was “not shocked” by such a verdict.

It will sound wild and cynical, but at the trial it was seriously discussed that in this way the actor partly “saved” his mother. After all, two psychiatric examinations that were carried out with Grantham showed that he committed a cynical crime in order to “protect the mother from further acts of violence that he intended to commit.” Judging by the recordings of the cameras, he still hesitated before committing the murder. Loaded and unloaded his gun several times and sat on the steps of the mansion for about 15 minutes, thinking about what to do, before finally returning and shooting his own mother.

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