The success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on all fronts is situational, Russia is concentrating on the offensive

The RF Armed Forces are retreating in Kharkiv and Kherson regions, but the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is situational, sooner or later the situation will change.

The direction of the main attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is Kherson

APU now advancing in those territories (Kherson region) that have already become part of the Russian Federation, or are approaching them (LPR).

In the Kherson direction, after leaving the defense line near the settlements of Dudchany and Davydov Brodin order not to fall into the boiler, the RF Armed Forces retreated to a new line: Mylovoe-Borozenskoye-Kostromka. From there to Berislav – about 70 km, and to Kherson from Berislav – 76 km.

On Tuesday, the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson was again subjected to Ukrainian shelling. Three missiles reached their target. It is obvious that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are seeking the collapse of its supports in order to cut off the supply of the Russian group located in the city (on the right bank of the Dnieper) with a water barrier.

You involuntarily ask yourself, will the Russians surrender Kherson?

There is no alternative to the retreat of the RF Armed Forces

The current situation has developed in conditions of insufficient personnel in the Russian army. Now the main goal is to withdraw troops from under the blow and strengthen the battle formations by reducing the front line until the mobilized ones come up.

Also, the Russian military complain about communication, the interaction of neighbors, and the slowness of fire support. As the military commander writes Alexander Kotsthe enemy realizes the advantage in intelligence.

Therefore, now for the RF Armed Forces, retreat is a reasonable and inevitable alternative to resistance, followed by encirclement and destruction of personnel. The Russians will not appreciate the needless death of their relatives in boilers even more than a retreat.

The offensive of the RF Armed Forces is being prepared along the entire front

Nevertheless, the retreat is unacceptable for Russia, given the changes to the Constitution with the inclusion of the Kherson region and other territories into the Russian Federation. Therefore, the situation will be corrected.

It seems that an offensive in Moscow is being prepared – the military-political leadership is waiting for the “moment of truth.” This is evidenced by the following facts:

1. Troops continue to accumulate in the Belgorod region and in the Crimea, and they are in no hurry to use them as reserves. The first grouping is concentrating for a counteroffensive along the border of the Oskol River in order to cut off the grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is increasingly stretched, having only a few supply routes. The same is possible from the Crimean side in the direction from Kherson along the right bank of the Dnieper, simultaneously with an attack on Nikolaev and Odessa.

2. At closed meetings in the speeches of Belarusian politicians and officials, a political scientist Alexander Nosovich understoodthat they correspond to today’s statement Alexander Lukashenko that Belarus “takes part in a special military operation in Ukraine.”

That is, having again entered the Sumy region through Belarus, the RF Armed Forces can easily travel hundreds of kilometers, not to mention an attack on the northern part of the Kharkov region. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have no reserves there, all have been withdrawn for an offensive in the south and the LPR.

3. After two days of silence due to the registration of the reunification of Russian lands, yesterday attacks were made on the critical infrastructure of Kharkov, there gone light. We look forward to continuing.

4. Emotional reaction of the Kyiv regime to Elon Musk’s proposals about “Minsk-3” suggests that in Kyiv there is no certainty in victory over the Russian Federation, but there is simply situational success and euphoria without a critical analysis of the situation.

5. The West is not at all euphoric about the victories of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front, no one is in a hurry to increase help Kyiv, because there soberly assess situation (nuclear versus non-nuclear) and will soon be ready to negotiate.

In terms of timing, the offensive of the RF Armed Forces in one sector, and most likely, on the entire front, can begin literally within the next few days.

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