The strength of the democratic world is well felt on the battlefield in Ukraine – Zelensky

On the battlefield in Ukraine these weeks, the strength of the democratic world is well felt – international partners supplying our country with modern and effective weapons.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy said this in video messagereports Ukrinform.

I wish you good health, dear Ukrainians!

Today, the implementation of the Initiative for the export of Ukrainian grain and other agricultural products from our ports on the Black Sea has begun. The first ship carrying 26,000 tons of corn left the port of Odessa.

Today is not yet the time to draw any conclusions and predict future events. But the port started working, the export movement began, and this can be called the first positive signal that there is a chance to stop the development of the food crisis in the world. Now everything depends on the implementation of the security parameters of the Initiative, and this is the responsibility of the partners, primarily the United Nations and Turkey.

We cannot have the illusion that the Russian Federation will simply refrain from trying to disrupt Ukrainian exports. Russia consistently provoked famine in the countries of Africa and Asia, which traditionally imported significant volumes of Ukrainian food. And now, in conditions of extreme heat, as in Europe this year, there is also a threat of a price crisis and some food shortages for some European countries. So, let’s see how the agreements will work and whether there will really be security.

16 vessels are already waiting for their turn to be sent, and we are ready to make a proper contribution to the stabilization of the world food market. For our country, this will also bring significant benefits – and the issue is not only in billions of dollars of foreign exchange earnings.

About half a million Ukrainians are involved in the cultivation of export agricultural crops, and if we add related industries, this is plus a million jobs. Hence the corresponding state attention to the implementation of the export Initiative. This is what our people really need.

I spoke with President of France Emmanuel Macron today, including about the resumption of our agricultural exports by sea. The talks lasted an hour and a half and were very informative: relations in the defense sphere, first of all. A wide range of security issues – thanks for the assistance already transferred to Ukraine, which effectively protects us on the battlefield. We also discussed macro-financial support for our country – I asked the President to help us unblock macrofinance that has stalled in Europe.

I want to remind all the leaders that this is 9 billion euros. These are not trifles for us, but important social things – these are our pensions, these are our salaries, support for migrants, so we are waiting for the relevant decisions of specific government officials.

The President of France informed me about the results of his tour of African countries – we are now strengthening this direction of our foreign policy. I invited President Macron to take part in the Crimean Platform Online Summit, which will take place soon.

Last year, we created the Crimean Platform and are developing this format, despite all the threats and tangible diplomatic opposition from the Russian Federation. During the years of occupation, Russia has turned Crimea into a large military prison camp – and tens of thousands of people became its victims. Crimea has become a springboard for attacks on the free territory of our country. We will gradually restore justice in relation to our Crimea.

The situation on the battlefield over the past day has not changed significantly. Fierce battles continue in the Donbass, Kharkiv region, the struggle for the south of our country continues … Ukrainian artillery and intelligence have already done a lot to reduce the fire potential of the occupiers, and this is felt.

Today I want to thank all our soldiers who are destroying Russian logistics, destroying the ammunition of the occupiers and leaving no safe place on our land for the occupiers.

And I also want to thank our partners now – everyone who supplies Ukraine with modern and efficient artillery and missile systems. The strength of the democratic world is well felt on the battlefield in Ukraine these weeks.

Today, another conversation took place in the format Ukraine – the United States – three by three – Andriy Yermak and Jake Sullivan, Dmitry Kuleba and Anthony Blinken, Valery Zaluzhny and Mark Milli. This is our permanent format, which has already allowed us to make a fundamental contribution to the defense of the entire free world. We coordinated further steps in support of Ukraine.

Eternal glory to all who fight for freedom! Glory to Ukraine

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