The strangest cases of the disappearance of aircraft

The plane, it would seem, is not a grain of sand in the sea. However, since the era of aviation began, there have been repeated cases of the disappearance of liners, including passenger ones. Today we will talk about the most famous episodes and try to analyze them.

Earhart’s last flight

American Amelia Earhart became the first female pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean alone. In May 1937, she ventured around the world in a twin-engine Lockheed Electra. With her was navigator Fred Noonan.

But when the aircraft reached the central part of the Pacific Ocean, communication with the crew was suddenly interrupted.

According to one version, the car fell into the ocean, according to another, the pilots, due to a malfunction of the aircraft, were forced to land on one of the uninhabited islands. According to the third, they were captured by the Japanese. But, one way or another, the further fate of Earhart and Noonan is unknown, no more news from them has been received.

Six planes and a fireball

In 1945, five bombers conducted a test flight. When they were in the Bermuda Triangle, they lost contact with the controller, and the pilots lost their orientation in space. At the same time, the dispatchers themselves perfectly heard the conversations of the pilots. It is believed that the planes eventually ran out of fuel and crashed into the ocean.

While the search and rescue operation was underway (which ended unsuccessfully), another plane disappeared in the same area. At the same time, the crew of the ship, which was passing by on its route, observed a giant fireball in the sky.

No traces of the six missing planes have ever been found. This story was another confirmation of the “anomalous glory” of the Bermuda Triangle.

Not flying to Bermuda …

In 1948, a British-American airlines Star Tiger aircraft was on its way from London to the Bermuda region. The route was quite long, so it had to be divided into several stages.

When the plane was already on the last leg of the journey, the instruments on board suddenly malfunctioned – a heater and a compass. This led to the fact that the pilot had to fly at a very low altitude – 610 meters.

In tandem with Star Tiger, another aircraft flew the same route – Avro Lancaster. He landed safely in Bermuda, but Star Tiger disappeared without a trace, along with 25 passengers and 6 crew members. The search, of course, turned up nothing.

“It’s not a plane…”

In October 1978, Frederick Valentich, a 19-year-old resident of the Australian city of Melbourne, received a long-awaited pilot’s license and told his relatives that he had contracted to fly to King Island, from where they allegedly needed to pick up a group of passengers and a cargo of lobsters. The distance to the destination was 235 kilometers one way, the weather was clear.

However, already at the very beginning of the flight, Valentich contacted the controllers several times and talked about an unknown aircraft that allegedly pursued him. The last message was: “This strange plane is hovering above me again. It’s hovering… and it’s not a plane.” Further, some sounds were heard in the microphone, similar to the grinding of metal, and the connection was cut off.

No one else saw either Valentich or his plane, and the most mysterious thing was that on the island where he was on his way, no one was waiting for him. Perhaps the young pilot was lured into some kind of trap.

What happened to the Malaysian airliner?

In March 2014, the disappearance of a Malaysian Airlines passenger airliner flying Kuala Lumpur-Beijing Flight 370 with 239 passengers made a lot of noise.

At the appointed time, 40 minutes after takeoff, the pilot confirmed that they had entered Vietnamese airspace, and a few minutes later the liner simply disappeared from all radars. At first, the search yielded nothing, and only a year and a half later, fragments of the body of the missing aircraft were found 4,000 kilometers from the alleged crash site.

Reasons for disappearances

Obviously, in all or almost all cases involving the disappearance of aircraft, there have been air crashes. But their reasons may be different. So, the impact on the pilots of some unidentified objects is also possible (as in the case of Valentich), and the malfunction of the instruments on board due to the aircraft entering the zone of any anomaly (for example, in the Bermuda Triangle). Finally, no one excludes the hijacking of an aircraft, but this probably does not happen so often.

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