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The current president of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, described the election platform with which he is running for the post of head of state. Elections will be held on November 20, Tokayev’s platform is called “Fair Kazakhstan: For everyone and for everyone. Now and Forever”. The presidential candidate considers the construction of a Just Kazakhstan to be his main mission, he stated that in order to translate ambitious tasks into reality, a plan of specific actions has been developed, there are necessary resources and, “most importantly, invaluable capital – responsible citizens of the country.”

“The idea of ​​Justice in our state policy will become the most important,” said Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. – Our entire national ideology will be permeated with the idea of ​​Justice. The idea of ​​Justice will underlie our every decision, every action we take. We proceed from the fact that our main wealth and competitive advantage are people. Therefore, we will firmly follow the formula “not a person for the state, but the state for the person.” To build a Just Kazakhstan, we will move on to a new state policy.”

“The fight against corruption will become uncompromising”

The transition to a new state policy implies the continuation of a fundamental reform of governments at all levels. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev is confident that the recently adopted law on a single seven-year term of the president’s tenure in power contributes to the renewal of the state and creates an obstacle to the monopolization of power. In turn, changes in the electoral system will ensure greater participation of citizens in the formation of the country’s parliament, and direct elections of heads of cities and regions will make local and self-government more effective. The criterion for selecting personnel for the civil service should be their professional and moral qualities, compliance with the requirements of meritocracy. “We will continue to form the presidential youth personnel reserve and provide an opportunity for all citizens, professionals and patriots of our country, to enter the civil service,” Tokayev promised.

Equally important, according to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is objective and independent justice, which requires the formation of a highly professional, incorruptible judiciary and the rejection of a repressive bias in justice.

“The institution of appeal will undergo reform, the categories of cases considered by the jury will expand. The Judicial Jury will be empowered to review each annulled judicial act. We will establish effective civil proceedings using modern technologies and mediation. Let’s increase real competitiveness between the parties of charge and protection. Protecting the rights of citizens and ensuring their safety will become an unconditional law enforcement priority,” said Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, adding that arbitrary interference in business affairs and other forms of abuse should be a thing of the past.

“The fight against corruption, like corrosion that corrodes our country, will become uncompromising. A decisive barrier will be placed on the production and distribution of drugs, especially synthetic ones. Law enforcement agencies will focus on those crimes from which citizens suffer the most – domestic violence, drug crimes, fraud, financial pyramids. We will create a professional and efficient service police,” the President of Kazakhstan promised. “New concrete measures will be taken to prevent torture.”

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In the face of unprecedented external challenges, it is necessary to ensure the inviolability of state sovereignty and the integrity of the country, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said. The servicemen will become a symbol of Kazakhstani patriotism, this will be facilitated by measures to develop the military-industrial complex, to strengthen defense and improve the quality of military education.

“Our foreign policy course will be invariably peaceful and constructive, aimed at cooperation with all partners. Therefore, we will help strengthen the global role of the UN and create a more harmonious and fair system of international relations,” Tokayev said.

“Everything that belongs to the people of Kazakhstan will serve their interests”

The presidential candidate singled out as one of the most acute problems of “oligopoly” (fusion of state and capital), which generates social inequality and systemic problems in the economy. The antidote should be the demonopolization of the economic sphere.

It is also necessary to strengthen the manufacturing sector, modernize the infrastructure, and build up energy capacities. “Within seven years, we plan to attract $150 billion in foreign direct investment. The assets of the National Fund will be increased to $100 billion. Everything that rightfully belongs to the people of Kazakhstan will serve their interests. To do this, we will ensure the effective management of the fund, increase its investment income,” Tokayev said.

He considers it expedient to stimulate the growth of wages of workers by establishing counter obligations of business when they receive state support. From 2025, Kazakhstan will introduce a mechanism to increase the minimum wage, depending on the level of inflation. The presidential candidate promised to pass a new tax code with additional rates on luxury goods.

Other immediate plans are the transformation of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route into the main link, the creation of a container hub on the Caspian Sea, the construction of a network of border trade and economic centers with Russia, China and the countries of the region, the construction of new railway lines and a railway crossing on the Chinese border.

Changes await the energy sector. “We will continue to create such an energy system that will meet the needs of people and the demands of industry,” Kassym-Jomart Tokayev promised. He considers it necessary to diversify hydrocarbon production, increase the production of renewable energy by 1.5 times, and commission new gas processing plants. In Kazakhstan, a 60 percent level of gasification will be achieved.

Tokayev also promises to saturate the market with the main types of oil products by increasing the volume of processing. A technological springboard will be created in the republic for the transition to the production of high-tech goods. “Science will be reoriented to new production technologies that will increase the competitiveness of Kazakhstan,” Kassym-Jomart Tokayev added. He considers digitalization an important priority and promises that 150,000 new jobs will open in the Kazakhstani IT sector.

“A country of free, educated and self-confident citizens”

In the foreseeable future, about 40 thousand owners of dilapidated and dilapidated housing in Kazakhstan will celebrate housewarming, and the construction of roads will continue.

“The state is directly responsible for the education, health and well-being of citizens. Our social budget continues to grow – trillions of tenge are spent on the construction and modernization of kindergartens, schools, hospitals, cultural and sports facilities, as well as targeted assistance. Behind the big numbers are the pressing problems of ordinary people. Every person in need of support should feel the personal care of the state,” Kassym-Jomart Tokayev is convinced.

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The President of Kazakhstan emphasized that all 6.5 million Kazakhstani children will receive equal access to knowledge and digital technologies.

“Children from two to six years old will be fully covered by high-quality preschool education. 1.5 million comfortable student places will be created, and we will finally solve the problems of overloaded classrooms, emergency schools and three-shift education. The state annually modernizes at least a thousand schools in small towns, regional centers and villages. We will open 7,000 modern classrooms for robotics, chemistry, biology, and physics,” Tokayev promised.

According to him, scholarships for Kazakh students will double, the problem of lack of places in dormitories will be solved, students will get free access to the world’s digital libraries. The slogan “Everything for the youth” will be replaced by the principle “Together with the youth”. The youth quota, recently established for the country’s parliament, will be introduced in public councils. For the development of youth entrepreneurship, the state is ready to provide preferential loans.

In the field of healthcare, Tokayev focuses on the modernization of the oncological service. He promises that a network of modern perinatal centers will be created throughout the country, and the National Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology will open. 700 primary health care facilities will be built in villages and district centers. Telemedicine will receive systemic development.

“From 2024, we will begin the implementation of a new large-scale initiative “National Fund for Children,” the President said. – We will ensure the annual transfer to the public fund “Kazakhstan halkyna” of at least seven percent of the net income of the fund “Samruk-Kazyna”.

In Kazakhstan, the system of support for temporarily unemployed citizens will also be strengthened, in particular, with the help of unemployment insurance, the amount of social payments for those who have lost their jobs will increase to 45% of income. Citizens with special needs, especially children, will receive serious state support.

“I repeat once again: all our social spending is an investment in the development of the nation’s potential. Therefore, in our social policy, we will not only help people overcome life’s obstacles, but stimulate their desire to work and improve their own well-being,” said Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

The health of citizens and their quality of life are closely related to the state of the environment. The presidential candidate of Kazakhstan promised that by strengthening environmental control at enterprises, emissions of harmful substances would be reduced by 20%, a new Water Code would be adopted to ensure the protection and purification of rivers and lakes, and forest area would increase. Infrastructure for electric vehicles will appear in all major cities.

“We can and must make our country progressive and competitive in the modern world. I am sure that together we will build a Just Kazakhstan – a country of free, strong, educated and confident citizens in themselves and in their state. For me, there is nothing more important than the interests of the state and the well-being of the people,” the president said. “We are obliged to bring our country to the high road of development and progress, to build a Just Kazakhstan.”

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Andrei Serenko, director of the analytical center of the Russian Society of Political Scientists, believes that Tokayev’s election program is a “working document of direct action.”

“We are accustomed to the fact that election programs are always a set of populist stories, far from always mandatory. A rare exception is when the program is perceived by the candidate and his team not so much as a pre-election document, but as a document of real politics and economics, which will need to be implemented as a direct guide to action,” the Russian expert believes.

It is to this type of political declarations that he refers the election platform of Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. At the moment, there is no candidate for the presidency of Kazakhstan comparable to Tokayev in terms of power and potential, so the elections will become a kind of referendum on confidence in the president. “Despite this, he was very attentive to the formulation of the specific provisions of his program. This suggests that he intends to fulfill all of them,” Andrey Serenko concludes.

Director General of the Institute for Political Studies Sergey Markov singles out that part of the election platform of Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, which relates to digitalization.

“Digital infrastructure makes it possible to overcome distances. And connecting even small towns and villages to digital infrastructure will allow residents of these towns and villages to connect to the modern economy using digital methods. In addition, the most promising sectors of the economy are developing using digital formats, so the development of this infrastructure will affect economic growth in Kazakhstan and the most promising sectors of the economy. At the same time, this will reduce social tension, since digital equality and digital accessibility are one of the most important social problems of the modern world,” the candidate of political sciences believes.

Markov is sure that the program of President Tokayev will receive the support of the majority of citizens of Kazakhstan, who see it as the realization of their hopes and aspirations.

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