The State Duma spoke about the damage to the Nord Stream: it is beneficial for the United States

First Deputy Chairman of the Energy Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Igor Ananskikh in an interview with Pravda.Ru, he commented on the fears of the Federal Republic of Germany about the damage to the Nord Stream.

In Germany, they are afraid that Nord Stream will never be put into operation after the gas pipeline was seriously damaged.

Igor Ananskikh is sure that Nord Stream has become the target of sabotage.

“It is clear that the main beneficiary in this situation is the United States of America. Because, thanks to this, firstly, they can increase the volume of their LNG sales, and secondly, they can certainly influence the European economy directly,” the expert explained .

The energy specialist noted that the Europeans could avoid these difficulties by getting gas at the old prices in the required quantity for the whole of Europe.

Ananskikh acknowledged the difficulties associated with repairing the pipeline.

“All the gas has not yet left the pipe. And you can’t get close to it. But what can be restored is completely clear. Unfortunately, the timing has not yet been determined,” the representative of the State Duma expressed his opinion.

He assured that the Nord Stream is subject to restoration, but since the gas comes out of the hole under enormous pressure, it is not possible to start repairs.

Anansky is sure that it was the United States that left Europe without gas.

Previously it was reported that gas outlet from Nord Stream will end on October 3.

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