The State Duma proposed measures for the safety of Russian schools

Deputies of the State Duma RF Sergey Karginov and Ivan Sukharev propose to introduce a regime for the admission of citizens on the territory of schools in the Russian Federation.

For the Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova a corresponding letter has been sent.

In the appeal, the legislators note that in connection with the tragedy in Izhevsk, it is urgent to take effective measures to improve the level of security in schools and kindergartens.

Parliamentarians proposed to strengthen control over the passage of citizens to educational institutions and prohibit the presence of strangers in these territories during the period of classes.

“Enclose the building of each educational institution with a fence of 2.5-3 m, the gates for passage throughout the school day must be locked from the inside, they must be closed 30 minutes before the start of the educational process and open only when the main lessons are over and the children disperse home,” the message quoted RT.

The deputies also noted that parent-teacher meetings should be held only in the evening and without the presence of pupils.

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