The state budget received almost ₴170 billion in July

In July 2022, the general fund of the state budget received UAH 169.6 billion.

This is reported press service of the Ministry of Financereports Ukrinform.

“According to the latest data from the State Treasury Service of Ukraine, in July 2022, the general fund of the state budget received UAH 169.6 billion,” the report says.

Among the payments, the collection of which is controlled by the tax and customs authorities, the main revenues were received from: value added tax from goods produced in Ukraine – UAH 35.4 billion (UAH 35.4 billion collected, UAH 0.6 million reimbursed), tax on value added from goods imported into the customs territory of Ukraine – UAH 20.2 billion, personal income tax and military duty – UAH 13.3 billion, excise tax – UAH 7.8 billion, corporate income tax – UAH 4.8 billion , rent for the use of subsoil – UAH 3.6 billion and import and export customs duties – UAH 1.9 billion.

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Also in July, the general fund of the state budget received UAH 80.4 billion of international assistance (grants).

For January-July 2022, the state budget was executed with a deficit in the amount of UAH 412.0 billion, including the general fund in the amount of UAH 411.3 billion, against the deficit planned by the general fund for January-July 2022 in the amount of UAH 743, 4 billion hryvnia. In July, the actual deficit of the state budget amounted to UAH 3.7 billion, including UAH 4.8 billion of the general fund.

As reported, with the start of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the state budget was reoriented to military purposes. Consequently, the priority financing of expenditures in the current year is aimed at increasing the country’s defense capability and making the most necessary social expenditures that support the life of the population.

Photo: NBU

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