The star of “Slave Isaura” was going to enter the Parliament of Brazil. But she failed miserably in the elections, gaining 0.13% of the vote

Lucelia Santos played the slave Izaura.

Lucelia Santos played the slave Izaura.

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In the mid-seventies, a young Brazilian actress, Lucelia Santos, was invited to try out for the TV series Slave Isaura. Then the project, dedicated to the oppression of a girl who was a slave by birth, did not have such an acute social connotation as it does now.

And therefore he was able to become a world hit, conquering various countries (in the USSR it began to be shown in 1988) with the love story and ups and downs of Izaura dos Santos, who escaped from slavery in the United States. The actors of the series were so popular that they traveled all over the world with autograph sessions. In our country, the slave became a folk hero, even children were named after her!

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At the same time, Lula herself continued to act in successful Brazilian TV series (“Carmen”), began making documentaries and successfully married conductor John Neshling. Together they raised their son Pedro (40 years old), who also became an actor. She is now 65 years old, the artist is deeply religious: she professes Buddhism, visits Tibet and calls the Hare Krishna temple, which she visits every Sunday, her favorite place in her native Rio.

And Santos, having all-Brazilian popularity, decided to go into politics. Recently, elections of parliamentarians and governors were held in Brazil. The actress spoke out for the protection of the environment and the Amazon region, the indigenous peoples of Brazil, as well as for the development of culture. And supported presidential candidate Lulu da Silva, who had already ruled the country from 2003 to 2011. However, the people voted against their bloc. Santos won 0.13% of the vote,

– To everyone who was with me these 45 days, on the streets or behind the scenes, I thank you very much! — wrote the actress in social networks. – To all the voters who placed their vote of hope on me, eternal gratitude for the trust! We did not win the elections, but the struggle continues.

In the event of a positive outcome, Lucelia could become a deputy from the state of Rio de Janeiro in the lower house of the Brazilian Parliament. Perhaps the reason for the failure is that Santos has recently been quite far from her native people. And she often starred in Europe, without publicly showing herself in Rio.

“A few months before the elections, she urgently flies from Portugal, where she starred in some second-rate series, and urgently begins to fight for the Indians and their rights in the Amazon,” Brazilian blogger Romano Russo mocked Santos’ failure. “But she returns from quiet Portugal not to the Amazon forests, where ticks and piranhas will bite her, but to her cozy home in a prestigious area of ​​Rio de Janeiro. In a house with servants, a driver and all communications.

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