The son of a Soviet shipbuilder died in Ukraine

Blogger and musician died in Ukraine Gleb Babich. He voluntarily joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine after the start of the special operation. This was announced in social networks by a political scientist Andrey Smoliy.

“It has just become known. Gleb Babich died. Poet, songwriter, military man, blogger,” he wrote on July 28.

The musician was the son of a shipbuilding engineer and author of books about Soviet aircraft carriers. Valery Babich.

Earlier, a well-known Ukrainian businessman and journalist was destroyed in Ukraine Vladimir Chepovoy. He died in the first weeks of June.

And in July, the Russian military liquidated the leading music channel M2 in the Donbass. Karima Gulamovawho served in the 73rd Special Operations Center and took part in punitive actions.

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