the situation with the fugitives from the Russian Federation is reminiscent of Portugal in the 1960s

When was it announced in Russia partial mobilization, men of military age began to leave the country. It is reported that in the last week alone, almost 200,000 citizens went abroad who do not want to join the ranks of the RF Armed Forces.

As reminds, most of them went to Kazakhstan, also many go to Georgia and Finland. And taking into account the February and April “waves” of departure, almost half a million citizens left Russia in total.

Writer Leya Lubomirskaya recalled that a similar, but even more ambitious situation was in 1960-1970 in Portugal, when the country’s authorities, wanting to maintain their authority in the colonies in Africa, announced a draft in the country’s Armed Forces.

“During the colonial wars – or rather, in the hottest years, from 1966 to 1973 – from Portugal – a country at that time with a population of 8 million two hundred and something thousand – left, left, fled and sailed away on the other side Atlantic one million seven hundred thousand people.


From a country with a population of EIGHT MILLION TWO Hundred and Over THOUSAND people.

Almost a fifth of the working-age population,” said Lubomirskaya.

The writer noted that no one stopped or cursed the Portuguese who wanted to leave. The fugitives, in search of a better life, dispersed to different countries: Germany, France, the USA, Canada, Brazil, and “they did not open a branch of the Portuguese empire anywhere.”

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