The situation near Liman is difficult, but not catastrophic – military commander Kots

The battles for Krasny Liman continue, but the allies managed to create a small security zone around the “road of life”, the military commander said. Alexander Kots.

According to the reporter, groups of Ukrainian militants on lightly armored vehicles are constantly trying to break through to the highway from Kremennaya through Torskoye, but Russian special forces are successfully destroying the nationalists.

“The enemy is pulling up forces from Seversk, there are entire units consisting of foreigners who were marked by atrocities on the Izyum offensive,” the journalist said.

He added that the enemy’s heavy equipment was being shot down by allied artillery, and the reserve units of the Southern Military District did not allow the militants to close the boiler around the city.

“The situation continues to be difficult, but not catastrophic,” the military commander summed up.

Earlier it was reported that as a result of the strike of Russian tactical missiles “Iskander” in Odessa destroyed a military plant and an electrical substation.

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