“The situation in the special operation zone is changing for the better”: governor Kozhemyako told the truth from the front line after the trip

Governor of Primorsky Krai Oleg Kozhemyako.

Governor of Primorsky Krai Oleg Kozhemyako.

A photo: Alexander GLUZ

… – Oleg Nikolaevich, and Vladimir Solovyov just remembered you in his program, that he was in the zone of a special military operation (SVO) and saw Governor Oleg Kozhemyako there. Was this another one of your trips now?

– Yes, before the New Year we stopped by the guys, gave them equipment, New Year’s gifts …

– Tell me, how is the mood there? Because Solovyov praised the Primorye people for their strong spirit, for their courage. This, among other things, thanks to the governor, your delegations, you always support your own people in the NVO zone? ..

– You know, we have such a character among the Primorsky people – persistent, firm.

We live in the Far East and we understand the tasks that the state faces today in combating Nazism, in eradicating it, so that this evil does not come to our land. This is the first.

And secondly, there is a complete conviction and understanding that here, in the rear, people are doing everything possible to help our guys.

This connection is inseparable, it is permanent with us.

And, of course, when you come there, to the guys, in the NWO zone, you give gifts, property, equipment, which, among other things, was made by the hands of the Primorsky people …

For the people out there, it’s an extra incentive.

This is exactly the kind of news from home that helps in battle.

And our Primortsy never once – for the entire time of the special operation – did not leave their positions, did not leave, did not abandon their comrades.

And one more thing – if we talk about the units that were formed or deployed with us, and are now defending the Motherland in the NVO zone – they, in terms of numbers, are among the largest.

Parts of the Pacific Fleet with all their guards brigades, the airborne brigade, the 5th army, aviation, helicopter regiments – these are Primorye, who today defend our independence and the right to be and be called Russian, fighting to ensure that the foot of the Nazi never sets foot to our land.

– Oleg Nikolaevich, I have long known about the equipment that the Primorye people supply to the NWO zone, but I just understand that this information is not for everyone. But maybe it’s time to reveal this secret? What exactly do you supply?

– What we do with our own hands – both students and volunteers.

And, to be specific, these are, among other things, spare parts for quadrocopters.

Someone sews overalls, warm clothes. Someone transfers their cars – yes, also to the NWO zone.

Probably, there is no primorye who would be indifferent to what is happening now in the Donbass, in the Kherson region, in Zaporozhye …

Today, everyone, to the best of their ability, helps our fighters.

Shortly before the New Year, Oleg Kozhemyako visited the NVO zone at the location of the Primorsky fighters.

Shortly before the New Year, Oleg Kozhemyako visited the NVO zone at the location of the Primorsky fighters.

– And here’s another interesting thing – when you return from the front line, do you meet with relatives of those who are fighting there?

– Happenes. It is necessary to provide some kind of help, maybe pass something, a note or something else …

I gather the wives of servicemen, I call up someone … I tell them how their husbands are. It is necessary.

– And I can’t help but ask – Solovyov told about your guys that many of those who were out of action due to injury or whose contract ended, or, let’s say, someone is sent on vacation, then return to the zone again NWO. That’s about what percentage of contractors and volunteers again go to the special operation zone?

– We have a lot of wounded returning to their units after recovery.

There are, of course, castlings that allow our fellow countrymen to leave the front line, put themselves in order, what is called – recharge, rest and again – to the front line.

– Have you ever met General Surovikin?

– No, the general is a busy person, and due to the fact that he is also constantly on the road, it is very difficult to find a meeting time. And why bother?

– And the final question, I guess. You, literally, almost from the first days of the special operation, have been in the zone of its conduct.

– From April.

– Yes. Do you feel that some kind of turning point is coming – during the special operation? Earlier, I also heard critical notes from you. And now what is changing in the NWO zone? And in our society?

– In any case, the changes are noticeable. Because there are a lot of families from which the men went into the army – husbands, sons, close relatives.

Yes, and everyone understands that now it is impossible to live like this: we still have peacetime, and the war is somewhere out there, far away.

We are not saying that everyone must necessarily live a front-line life, but the rear must also work for the NWO. Both ideologically and economically.

Therefore, people have such mutual understanding and involvement in everything that happens in the country. And everyone sympathizes.

I believe that our society, as a whole, understands how important the unity of the nation is now.

Both the Russian Ministry of Defense and our industry are already beginning to switch to such tracks, when the situation in our country is changing for the better.

Much remains to be done, but work is underway, and new weapons and new systems are coming.

And a second line of defense appeared, there are opportunities to build fortifications that are more durable and powerful.

We see that tactics are changing and there is more meaningfulness in our actions. Not just forward, forward…

Although, more and more needs to be done – both by society as a whole and the economy – in particular – in order to finally turn the tide of the special operation and achieve a peace agreement on our terms.

– Are you telling me everything, relying, among other things, on the opinion of your guys who are fighting in the NVO zone?

– Of course. Qualitative changes are visible – both in the command and control system and in the training of our soldiers. But there is still a lot of work ahead, a lot of things to be done.

– Thanks a lot. And good luck in the New Year.

– Mutually.


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