The show “Voice.60+” was won by Raisa Dmitrenko, who performed the epilogue “Hallelujah” in the rock opera “Juno and Avos” 42 years ago

Raisa Dmitrenko.  Photo: Channel One

Raisa Dmitrenko. Photo: Channel One

To be honest, exactly she was the main contender to win. Luxurious vocals, immense charisma, incredible experience and charm – everything was on the side of Raisa Dmitrenko, a 73-year-old vocalist from Moscow.

The singer has been on stage for a very long time. She starred in various detective series, performed for about her entire life (she graduated from Gnesinka), and the sophisticated viewer perfectly remembers her crystal vocals in the rock opera Juno and Maybe by Alexei Rybnikov on the 1980 record. It was she who sang the poignant epilogue of “Hallelujah of Love” in the voice of a praying woman. The voice of the Mother of God was taken over by Zhanna Rozhdestvenskaya.

In the show “Voice.60+”, the singer got into the team of Elena Vaenga, although other mentors also dreamed of seeing her in their teams. The mentor compares the ward with the brilliant Faina Ranevskaya: and there really is something similar in the style of humor, manners and even the timbre of the voice. Dmitrenko confidently went through the distance – she easily dealt with her opponents in Knockouts, and in the final she showed everything she was capable of. As far as it is possible in the course of two songs (no one has time to sing more in the final stage of the competition).

“I went to the final, and then you have to amaze, hype, as the youth says,” the artist warmed up herself before going on stage in the final. Did you expect me to reach the final? Absolutely not! I’m already ready to pack my bags.

Raisa Kondratyevna was the first to perform Hit The Road Jack, which was made famous by Ray Charles (or she him). The jazz hit, which at one time received a Grammy, was painted by Dmitrenko in deep and thick undertones of mature and beautiful “black” vocals. With this genre, the singer is obviously on a short footing.

Well, the second song performed by the finalist was the sentimental ballad by Vladimir Miguli and Margarita Agashina “Song of a Soldier”, which was dedicated to the hero of the Battle of Stalingrad and the Tajik writer Fateh Niyazi.

Did the viewer have a chance not to give the victory to the singer after such a performance? Even before the announcement of the voting results in the social networks of Channel One, Dmitrenko was sentenced to victory:

“It was a very worthy performance. This is how art should be!

“It is already known that Raisa became the winner. Yes, the song is strong, especially given the situation in the country, but performed with soul. But, in my opinion, Raisa won precisely because of the song, and not because of the vocals.

“What a versatile singer. It was goosebumps. BRAVOOO”

Although 65-year-old Viktor Zorin from Yekaterinburg reached the superfinal along with Dmitrenko, and even sang Charles Aznavour’s “Eternal Love” perfectly, the Urals had practically no chance: the superiority was two-fold – 62.3% against 37.7% audience voices. A well-deserved victory won over decades of work on the music scene.

The audience recognized Valery Syutkin as the best mentor of the fifth season of the Voice.60+ show.

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